Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Inspired by a wonderful time in Barcelona (thanks to Jose & Felix, hi Matteo & Kenny!), I set out to paint a couple of sketches for the troisième testament prequel. The colors of the book will be by the excellent François Lapierre, who he is kind enough to let me contribute with ideas as they come along.

These will also give you a sense of the scale we're going for in this story. More in the next few weeks as we wrap up this epic volume!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Barcelona Signing

On May 6-9, I'll be traveling back to Europe for a few days. I'll be signing my books at the Barcelona comic fair with my two spanish publishers, Norma and Glénat. It will be the first time I meet spanish readers, I hope my spanish isn't too rusty. I'll be sure to visit the Sagrada Famila again, see how the construction has progressed. Last time I was in Barcelona was on my way to Toledo, where I did extensive research for El Tercer Testamento book 2...

(gracias Teobaldo Mulin)

Live model sessions in NYC

Pencil and gouache, from the tuesday "sketch nights" sessions at the Society of Illustrators, NYC