FAQ list

 Where can I get your books in English ?
Siegfried should be published in English when book 3 comes out.
Le troisième testament is available in 15 languages, sadly English is currently not one of them. Go figure!

-       When is Siegfried 3 coming out ?
Some time next year.

-       When is the Siegfried movie coming out ?
The film has been developed but actual production will not start before I finish the graphic novel series – hopefully next year, then.

-       Do you do commission drawings ?
Not for the moment, I want to spend as much time as I can telling my stories.

-       Can you sign my book if I send it to you ?
No, but I’d be glad to draw a little something for you during a signing session.

Do you do signing sessions?
Yes, when a book comes out. My publishers handle the dates.

-       Pourquoi ce blog est-il en anglais ?
Je vis en ce moment aux Etats-Unis, ce blog est consulté par des non-francophones, et une version bilingue me prendrait trop de temps. Je préfère donc assassiner Sheakspeare et épargner Racine pour l’instant.